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New Tumblr yo!

What’s Tumblr?

Get it. Because I disappeared?

-still refuses to post-

now that I have a kindle… HAAAAAI TUMBLR

If I updated you all about my life, you’d explode.

  • My best friend told me he loved me. And I told him I loved him back. We started dating. It’s been one month and six days now.
  • I was accepted into Southern Oregon University.
  • I have started directing my first show. I will be competing as a director, acting in the same play, desgning a set, as a monologue competitor, a duo competitor, and in musical theatre.
  • A comedian has offered to take me under his wing.
  • And we’ll be going to Ashland next week.

Life is good.


Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums


Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums

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Lion by safari-partners on Flickr.


Lion by safari-partners on Flickr.

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I will watch every episode of SNL ever by the end of the summer.


Why did I find him so perfect?

my favorite. I just.. wanted him.

Oh hey! I have a Tumblr! I almost forgot.

Let me go cyberstalk see what my followers have been up to.

Shotgun Theatre Summed Up

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